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"You don't have to make abrupt and overwhelming changes to transform your life"
-Kiran Grewal MD

Functional medicine combines traditional holistic naturopathic philosophy with the latest scientific research.
Functional testing involves looking further than just pathology markers, that suggest the presence (or not) of disease, to how the body is ACTUALLY FUNCTIONING and which pathways may need addition support.

With this information personalised vitamin, mineral, herbal and lifestyle interventions can be designed to overcome chronic illness naturally.

Essentially, in a nutshell, we are getting to the root cause of the issue to correct the body's function.

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- TC

"I owe you so much thanks as you have absolutely allowed me and supported me in changing my life and I am so grateful for your patience, support, expertise, guidance and understanding on this journey. I will never forget the night before our first appointment - I had no belief in naturopathy and was agitated that the trip to Sydney would be a waste of time. Little did I know You changed my mind in our first appointment and everything you have advised me on since. THANK YOU!" 

- JR

I wish to share my experience, as an 81 year old, from about the middle of 2020 to March 2021, in trying to cope with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, (IBS) and to reveal how this very great difficulty was overcome - completely, in a very short time, thanks to treatment by my Naturopath.

After many months, in 2020 and early 2021, of trying various scripts, with no success, I began treatment on 12 March 2021, at the hands of Naturopath, Rowena Benbow. She brought me to a complete change in diet and placed me on a variety of supplements which I gladly embraced and followed her instructions to the letter.

Without going into unnecessary detail, let it suffice for me to say that by
3 April 2021 the IBS had been overcome, much to my relief, and normalcy restored, thanks to Rowena Benbow.



praise from clients:

This is just a snapshot of the common functional tests I use in clinic.
The list of options is endless and will depend on specific presentation and personal budget.

testing options

Microbiome Mapping & CDSA

An in depth stool analysis identifying pathogenic and commensal species of bacteria, virus, yeast and worms along with inflammatory and anti-inflammatory gut markers providing an overall look at gut health. 

comprehensive hormone panel - DUTCH Test

Hormone profile looking into all levels of reproductive and stress hormones and potential pathways that are being fired up creating hormonal imbalance, sleep, energy, histamine and mood issues.


Map your genetic profile to identify where potential health weaknesses lie and how to optimise your health, match your diet to your genes and optimise the genetic cards you were dealt. If you've done an add on is available to get the full breakdown of how your body is functioning from a genetic point of view.

cortisol awakening response/ adrenal profile

Examines fluctuations of cortisol throughout the day to look energy imbalances, fatigue, trouble losing weight or gaining muscle, sleep issues and adrenal exhaustion - feeling "wired yet tired"

comprehensive thyroid panel

Look at ALL thyroid hormones potentially wreaking havoc on your metabolism to accurately target the appropriate hormone or pathway the needs support to optimise thyroid health.

organic acids test (OAT)

How the body is metabolising neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, status of the gut, energy production, fat metabolism, nutritional status and markers of yeast and mould overgrowth.

igg food intolerance testing

Identifies degree of immune response (intolerance) to 96 or 144 foods that could be causing low energy, anxiety, itchy skin, headaches, gut issues or pain and inflammation.


Considered the gold standard of SIBO diagnosis which underlies 60-70% of all IBS cases

Let go of the expectation that if you work on yourself enough you won't struggle anymore.
If you work on yourself enough, you'll understand what the struggle is for"
-Brianna Wiest

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